Scouts should wear their uniforms to every Troop 8787 event, unless otherwise instructed.

Class A Uniform

This is the full uniform and is required for all formal, district, and council events such as Courts of Honor, Flag Ceremonies, Gathering of Eagles meetings, training sessions, etc. The full Class A uniform as listed below is required for summer camp.

  • Scout shirt (long or short sleeve)*
  • Scout slacks or shorts*
  • Scout cloth or leather belt with Scout buckle*
  • Scout socks (with shorts)*
  • Kelley Green with Gold Lettering

Class B Uniform

This is the more casual uniform and is required for all informal events such as regular Troop meetings, traveling to and from camp outs, working on Eagle Projects, etc.

  • Troop 8787 Tee shirt
    • -or- Red BSA polo shirt*
    • -or- Other BSA / O.A Tee-shirts
  • BSA pants or shorts
    • -or- Solid color pants or shorts (black, blue, tan, or BSA issue. If BSA or green shorts are worn, scout socks are required).


Caps are optional for all uniform wear. The only approved caps for Class A will be the BSA approved cap or the Troop 8787 cap. When a Scout is wearing a Class B uniform, BSA Hat / Cap should always be worn with Class A or B uniforms. Non-BSA Caps will be permitted during certain activities at the Scoutmaster’s discretion.


Troop 8787 uses the Scout neckerchief that is Kelley Green with Gold Lettering. These are available from the troop’s Adult Quartermaster. Neckerchief are special ordered so neckerchief may not always be available. (During this time a scout may ware the official BSA neckerchief which is red with blue lettering and piping)


The inside front and back pages of the Boy Scout Handbook show the proper location for the various insignia that are used on the uniform and earned by the Scouts. You may also consult the Official Scout Insignia Guide for proper position of the insignia if there are any questions.

Uniform Assistance

Please contact the Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chairperson if the purchase of a uniform creates a financial hardship. Troop 8787 will provide assistance where needed.

Wearing the Uniform Appropriately

Troop 8787 encourages every boy to wear his uniform proudly and correctly. It is a symbol that marks him as belonging to a select group of young men. The uniform tells the world what the Scout believes in and what he lives by. We strongly endorse the wearing of the uniform. It is considered part of Scout Spirit, which is a requirement for rank advancement.

Only Scouts having a full Class A uniform will be permitted to represent the Troop in any District or Council event that needs Scouts or Color Guards.

At Summer Camp, troops are “graded”. Part of the criteria for achieving the Honor Troop award is proper uniform. This is judged by the troop wearing a complete Class A uniform for flag ceremonies and dinner meals. This includes Scout shorts and socks.