Junior Leadership

The troop is run by a combination of adult and scout leaders. The Scout leadership positions include:

  • Senior Patrol Leader
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
  • Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
  • Troop Scribe
  • Troop Historian
  • Troop Librarian
  • Troop Quartermaster
  • Troop Webmaster
  • Troop Guide(s)
  • Troop Instructor(s)
  • Patrol Leader
  • Assistant Patrol Leader

The Senior Patrol Leader is elected by the Scouts in a Troop election. This election is held approximately every six months. The Patrol Leaders are elected by the Scouts in their Patrol. The Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders choose their assistants with Scoutmaster concurrence. Other youth leadership positions are chosen by the Scoutmaster.

Troop 8787 periodically holds a Junior Leadership Training course. Scouts in leadership positions are expected to attend this course which is designed to help them develop leadership skills and know what is expected of Scout leaders in the Troop. The Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leaders, and Troop Guides are members of the Patrol Leader Council which, along with the Scoutmaster is responsible for running the troop program.