Another area of parental involvement is discipline.  Discipline should not be a large problem in a Scout Troop.  Since a boy’s participation is voluntary, it is reasonable to assume that he wants to be a good scout.  A Scout’s behavior is expected to conform to the Scout Oath and Scout Law, which each Scout knows from memory.

Discipline is maintained primarily by the Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leaders, and Troop Guides with supervision by the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters.  Parents may be called to come and get their son, and will obtain details of the situation and counsel with their son concerning his behavior, his compliance with the Scout Oath and Law, and his continued participation in the Troop.

Reasons for counseling:

  1. Blatantly disobeying leaders
  2. Fighting
  3. Foul language
  4. Stealing
  5. Vandalism
  6. Violating safety procedures (fire, fuel, placing oneself or another person(s) in harm’s way, etc.)
  7. Continued disruptive activity
  8. Multiple violations of the Camping Rules

Because Troop 8787 is a very large troop and generally operates with a minimal amount of adult supervision, we have chosen to take a very strict line regarding behavior and discipline.  This is guided by the principal that we will not permit the program for many boys to be disrupted by a few.

If a scout needs to be counseled for violating the troop behavior standards, there will be a three step disciplinary process:

  1. The first time an incident occurs, the scout’s parents will be called.  Following a discussion with the scout, parents, and Scoutmaster, the scout will either be sent home from the activity or permitted to stay.  He will only be permitted to stay if the Scoutmaster permits it and the parent agrees to stay also.  The parent must agree in either event to accompany the scout on the next activity.
  2. If a second incident occurs within two months of the first, the scout will be suspended from all troop activities for 45 days.  Any money which had been paid for activities scheduled during this period of suspension will be forfeited.
  3. If a third incident occurs within four months of the first, the scout will lose his membership in Troop 8787.  Any and all money that had been paid to the troop for any reason will be forfeited.  The Troop will work with the scout to transfer his advancement and other records to another troop if he decides to continue scouting.

The leadership of Troop 8787 does not want to have to enforce these disciplinary rules.  To this end, we ask that the parents work closely with the leadership to avoid this type of problem.