It is important that everyone be informed of news and events concerning the Troop. Information flows through several channels in Troop 8787.

Scouts are responsible for listening to instructions at meetings, and understanding and remembering them. A pocket or spiral notebook will help.

Communications Merit BadgeScouts are responsible for transmitting messages, newsletters, and calendars to parents. Parents should ask their son if there is any information that they need to know when he returns home from a meeting.

Patrol Leaders are responsible for informing their members about Troop events and special requirements, instructions, or equipment needs.

The Senior Patrol Leader is responsible for informing the Patrol Leaders.

The Scoutmaster is responsible for informing the Senior Patrol Leader and the Adult leadership.

The Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Chairperson and officers of the Troop Committee are responsible for information to the Scouts.

The Troop issues activity, event and other important information at scout meetings throughout the year. If a Scout misses a meeting, it is his responsibility to call his Patrol Leader or senior patrol leader to acquire any, information, handouts newsletter, permission forms and/or other information necessary for participation in troop activities.

These informational sheets are intended to inform the scouts, parents, and friends of the Troop about events, instructions, achievements, needs and news of the Troop and Troop membership. Please read these newsletters and keep them handy. From time to time, a calendar and directory of Troop members will be issued.