Camping Checklist

This checklist should be tailored to the individual campout and used every campout. The Scout should do his own packing and bring only what is necessary.

Outdoor Essentials

___ Rain Gear

___ Flashlight and extra batteries

___ Sunscreen

___ Extra clothing appropriate for the weather

___ First Aid Kit

___ Canteen or water bottle

___ Matches

___ Compass

___ Sturdy, comfortable shoes


Overnight Camping

___ Tent (May be shared, make sharing arrangement in advance)

___ Cooking gear (usually planned by patrols, but make sure early)

___ Duffel bag or Backpack

___ Sleeping bag or blankets

___ Eating kit

___ Knife, fork and spoon

___ Plate, bowl and cup

___ Toilet paper (in a zip lock bag)

___ Trash bag

___ Hammer for pitching tent

___ Ground cloth

___ Air mattress or pad, if wanted

___ Cleanup kit

___ Toothbrush and toothpaste

___ Soap, Wash cloth and Towel

___ Scout Handbook, Merit badge notebooks


Optional Items

___ Watch

___ Insect repellent

___ Binoculars

___ Swimsuit

___ Camera

___ Sunglasses

___ Bird or plant ID books

___ Book or magazine

___ Notebook and pencil

___ Magnifying Glass

___ Musical instrument


Items NOT to Bring

  • Hatchets/Axes
  • Sandals or open toe shoes
  • Weapons
  • Sugary or caffeinated drinks
  • Snacks with excessive packaging
  • Expensive or delicate clothing
  • Junk food
  • Fireworks
  • Pets