Guidelines and Rules

Special guidelines and rules for Troop 8787 activities:


  1. Always bring a complete change of clothing (2 in wet weather) packed in zip-lock bags.
  2. Always bring several pairs of dry socks in zip-lock bags.
  3. Boots-above-the-ankle are preferred footwear.
  4. Cameras are allowed, at Scout’s own risk — consider the waterproof, disposable cameras.
  5. Always bring a ground cloth, poncho (or raincoat of some type), and work gloves.
  6. Always bring the Scout Handbook, notepad, and pencil.
  7. Come prepared for the weather, and come prepared for fun! Sports equipment is welcome.
  8. If Scout is on any prescribed medication, place the medication in an envelope with complete instructions and give to the adult leader in charge of the campout. It is the Scout’s responsibility to go to the adult leader when it is time to take medication, the adult leader is only responsible for keeping track of the medications.
  9. Write your name on everything you own, include the Troop number if it is a council or district activity where other Troops will be present.


  1. Never bring personal radio’s, TV’s, or electronic games.
  2. Never bring any knives other than those approved under BSA guidelines. Troop 8787 specifically prohibits large sheath knives.
  3. Never bring an axe or hatchet of any kind.  Axes and hatchets may only be used by Scouts who are trained and qualified by the Scoutmaster and will be used only in the axe yard.
  4. Never bring gum, soda, candy, or snacks on any of the campouts. This attracts ants and varmints and is potentially dangerous.
  5. Never go on a campout without required daily medications taken or brought. Parents will be called to bring the medication out to the campout location.