How Much Does it Cost

Dues: the 2022 annual dues are $150.00 per year, in semi-annual payments of $75.00 in April and October.  This breaks out to $73 for registration and insurance, and $77 to cover food for 8 campouts.  In addition, there is a one-time $60 equipment fee for new scouts joining the troop.  A Scout Life magazine subscription is optional and costs $24/year or $2/month.

This includes:

  • National Boy Scout Dues
  • Troop 8787 Dues
  • Scout Insurance

Prorated Membership Amounts
If you join in:

May: $62.50 November: $62.50
June: $50.00 December: $50.00
July: $37.50 January: $37.50
August: $25.00 February: $25.00
September: $12.50 March: $12.50

Monthly Campouts:  The cost of each camp out varies depending on campsite, travel distance, duration and the meals each patrol elects to prepare.  The goal of the Troop is to keep it under $20.00 per scout.

Lost Pines / Summer Camp:  $325.00 (for all Scouts). $50.00 Camperships may be applied for by May 1 of each year from the Capital Area Council Service Center.  Also the scout can earn money toward his Scout account with participation in Troop fundraisers.

High Adventure Camps:  $~650.00 (for older Scouts only). Scouts are expected to earn money toward their Scout account with participation in Troop fund-raisers.