How to Join

  1. It is recommended that the prospective Scout and parents visit a minimum of one or more Troop meetings and one outing.  One of these meetings should be the meeting prior to the outing.
  2. Once a Scout and his parent(s) have chosen Troop 8787 to join, a conference with the Scoutmaster and membership committee person/s will be held.  A packet of membership materials will be given to the Scout and his parents and will be reviewed.  During this meeting the Scout, and Scout Parent/s will review the roles and responsibilities of the Scout, Scout Parent(s) and Troop in providing a successful scout program. 
  3. The Scout will fill out the application form, pay the applicable registration fee, buy his uniform and official Boy Scout Handbook and current official Boy Scout Requirements book.  He will then be integrated into a Patrol and begin to actively participate in and support the Troop.